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Lawrence Citarelli is a successful, former finance/economics executive of 14 years and possesses over 20 years of real estate investment and development experience. In the past 12 years Mr. Citarelli has forged the L III Group which is a vertically integrated organization which has streamlined the real estate services industry. The foundation of the model is built on Karma. The group is composed of First Hampton International Realty, Citadom Holdings and L III. FHIR is a luxury brokerage firm with representation in over 150 markets worldwide and is responsible for 100's of millions in transactional business coupled with insurance, title and mortgage banking services. Citadom is the proprietary acquisition and development division that identifies and creates financially prudent projects that are financially prudent, offer a positive change to the communities and a value for the end users. L III is the multi- award design/build organization that has been recognized for cutting edge creativity, innovation, environmentally conscious and top tier quality and service. The uniquely successful business model continues to receive accolades and awe. Through the vertical integration of his real estate services clients are afforded an experience and service model that is unrivaled in the industry. The finance, economic and psychology degrees along with an insatiable work ethic, street smarts and strict adherence to disciplines continue to add to his successes. Mr. Citarelli is a consummate humanitarian and is aligned with various noteworthy athletes, entertainers and celebrities who value all of the aforementioned but moreover his discretion and ability to understand their lifestyle dynamics. Mr. Citarelli is has been recognized and awarded a congressional award for his international business dealings which are specifically tied to helping the less fortunate and deserved children and the communities where he is active.

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